In this five week Programme, you will cover some of the most important aspects of parenting to help your child be less anxious.

Module 1. Understanding anxiety   How your brain and the brain of your child works *How to nurture resilience and empathy and grow courage and curiosity * How to identify what the anxiety drivers are in your child and in you and how to start reducing anxiety immediately.


Module 2Dealing with problematic thoughts  Learn how to manage unwanted and unhelpful thoughts in you and your child leading to less anxiety and greater resilience

Module 3. Rescuing versus empowering  Working together with your child to navigate anxiety and figure out what's ok and what isn't, using powerful tools and techniques * Learn how you as a parent can strengthen your child and help them gain resilience and strength 

Module 4. How to listen to really calm an anxious child  *Listening tools for you as a parent to implement that make an immediate positive change * Understand emotional literacy and emotion regulation and help your child learn it to help them take charge of their life

Module 5. Mindful Self compassion exercises for you and your child * Some of the most important skills any of us can learn to make us more present as parents and help our children learn how to manage their feelings




Anxiety makes us feel so alone and vulnerable.

Get your child back again and regain your own joy as a parent! 


I will be here for you throughout this journey and help you and your

family to enjoy life to its fullest once again.





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