A Warm Welcome

Hi and welcome to The Anxiety Project for Parents.


Anxiety is everywhere, but when it's affecting our children and making its way into our home environment it can be truly distressing.

As parents we feel like we have no control, no ability to make our kids happy again and it's overwhelming.

That's all we want - for us and our children to flourish!

This 5 week programme will show you, as a parent how to guide your child or teen through the awful experience that anxiety is and shows you how to navigate your own responses in order to do what is best for yourself and your child. You will get a step by step guide, walking you through each step, each week, with the best most helpful resources, to enable a positive, healthy change in your child.


Your child or adolescent will start to enjoy life again and so can you as a parent! Anxiety steals the most important bits of us and this programme will help you get your family back.


If you want to help your child get control and satisfaction out of life, enjoy things like other young people do and for you as a parent to know how to help, then this is where you will get your very own guided road map to success! 

I so look forward to meeting you and your family,

Warmest wishes,

Marcelle x

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Resource: Looking after yourself during COVID19

Positive Feeling Outcomes

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Get rid of the negative self-talk and feelings of failure and distress - 

Feel good about you. Feel valued and valuable.

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Instead of not knowing where to start, or what to do to help you and your child -  Feel
confident and courageous with a clear understanding of what to do

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After spending so much time worrying about how to manage and what to do to help your
child -  feel excited about the new opportunities that await

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You and your child might have been feeling alone, confused or afraid -  Feel good about the skills
and abilities you already have and build on them to create strong, solid relationships